Types of Leather – You May not Know

When it comes to leather types, recognizing them is not an easy task and sometimes it causes confusion for everyone. Thus, a lot of people maybe find it difficult to understand what these leather types are and their processes. This article will help consumers to classify and define them basing on their appearances. As we know, leather are normally made from animal’s skins such as goat, sheep, pig, buffalo, cow and so on.

Despite the fact that there is a wide range of leather types, we can still divide them into three following main groups which are full aniline, semi-aniline and pigmented leather. Besides, we also give some popular types of leather you may know or use in daily life.

 Leather types


Aniline is also called unfinished leather. This kind of leather has the most natural appearance with the natural surface that attract people most to choose it but it is less resistant than other types of leather.

Moreover, it get easy to be dirty. Actually, this leather is just dyed without additional coverage or protection layers. It is only covered with a thin layer in order to not only spotlight its appearance but also protect it from oil and dirt.


Semi-aniline leather (other name is semi-finished aniline) is more durable than aniline leather. It also still partially retains a natural appearance. Its durability increases because the thin coverage on the surface has a small amount of protective agent. This agent can ensure the equation of color and prevent dirty spots. It can be said that this type of leather provides consumers a great combination of the soft feeling and the natural looking when touching it.

3.Pigmented leather

Thirdly, pigmented leather is also named top-finished leather or sealed leather. It is the most durable leather type so it is often used for covering car seat or furniture made from leather. Its durability is formed by polymer coverage on the surface that has the protective agent like semi-aniline leather.

In addition, the surface coating enables this type to control more characteristics of leather such as they capacity resistance to scuff and discoloring. Thus, the thickness of the coverage will be different. This type of leather is also classified into 3 small categories:

4.Full grain pigmented leather

The surface of full grain pigmented leather is kept in the whole intact before it is applied with an external coverage.

5.Corrected grain pigmented leather

The surface of the corrected grain pigmented leather is abraded to remove the imperfect part before it is covered by an external layer. Then, the grain will be embossed on the surface.

Actually, it is very difficult for people to distinguish full grain and corrected grain pigmented leathers with the eyes. We need to carefully observe to realize the differences.

6.Complete layer-bedded leather

The middle or lower layers of complete layer-bedded leather are covered by the polymer coating and embossed as grain leather. This leather should be used in the less impact resistant because it is weaker than the grain leather.

7.Other popular types of leather


Maybe you will feel familiar with this leather type because it is often used as a material for making shoes, coats and seats. It has a variety of colors for you to choose.


With chamois, you will have feeling of softness. Moreover, this type is very lissome to make many leather products. Its appearance is nearly like sheepskin.


Skiver has the special characteristic which is very thin like a paper. Thus, it is flexible and perfect to make leather boots and saddles.

Generally speaking, leather is a necessary material for all people to make different products from clothes like coats, shoes, boots; accessories such as belts, bags; wallets (or purses) to car seats, saddles and furniture. As can be seen, leather plays an important role in our daily life. Because the appearances of leather types are not considerably different, many consumers do not know how to choose or buy.

Understanding this problem, we provide all of you with some useful information about various types of leather. And then, you will have ideas about leather. More importantly, after you make sure that you clearly know what leather types are, you can carry out any leather care or repair work without the fear of ruining it.






Most Popular Wallet Styles for Men

When choosing a wallet, you will think so many times about whether it is made from leather or not, what kind of color it is or which style will be suitable for you. This consideration will take you a lot of time to make a final decision. In this article, we will focus on giving the most popular models of men wallet and their functions in the market today. Hopefully, after look through it, you will have certain knowledge of what wallet styles match you and feel confident to go shopping for it.

wallet style1.Bi-fold wallet

Bi-fold wallet is a classic style which is made from leather. There is no need to introduce to you because maybe you are so familiar with this model. To be more precise, it is the most popular wallet style for men from until now. You can find it easy at any wallet selling shops. It is divided into many compartments for holding bank cards, ID card and currency pockets. This style is a perfect choice for men with suitable size fitting the pockets of trousers or shirts.

2.Tri-fold wallet

The second popular position is tri-fold wallet. Its structure is relatively the same as that of bi-fold wallet. However, it has an additional fold for you to put more bank cards and money cash into it. Thus, obviously, its size will be larger than bi-fold wallet a little bit. In some cases, the ones who have to move a lot will be fond of it.

3.Zip around wallet

When it comes to security, zip around wallet will be ranked at the number one. There is a wide range of features for this style but in general, it is still designed in line with the standard bi-fold or tri-fold wallets having one or more zippers to keep inside items safe. More particularly, the security of zip around wallet is much higher because it has zippered closure.

4.Slim fold wallet

As it is called, this model is quite thin so it is just suitable for the ones who want to put a little money with bank cards inside. Although it just has enough space for you to carry the most necessary papers, its design is a good ideal for you to put it into the front pocket of trousers or shirts.

5.Money clip wallet

This style is a perfect combination of money clip and wallet. It is very convenient for you to get you cash quickly but it still has some small compartments for you to carry important papers such as ID cards and bankcards. It is similar to slim fod wallet so it is a great choice for the ones who have to travel a lot or go on business and just need to bring several essential items.

6.Breast pocket wallet

Like its name, this wallet is often put into the breast pocket of the coat or jacket. Thus, it is preferred by businessmen worldwide. It matches nicely with you need as it does not make your coat breast pocket too heavy. Wit its structure, you can put some credit cards, ID cards and all different sizes of currency without worrying about the weight.

7.Front pocket wallet

With front pocket wallet, you cannot put too much items into it. In contrast, you just put a few bank cards and cash. Thus, the ones who is familiar with bi-fold or tri-fold wallets will feel a little uncomfortable about this style.

8.Passcase wallet

Actually, passcase wallet is a special form of bi-fold or tri-fold wallets. However, there is a difference is that it has a clear window in the internal side of the wallet. Thanks to this, you can put your travel card, passport or visa into it. When you need, you can take it out easily.

9.Credit card holder

If you have to walk or travel a lot, you want to protect your important papers like credit card or ID cards, passports more carefully than the normal wallets, credit card holder will be a wonderful choice for you. Like its name, it has special compartments to hold these papers. What you need to do is that buying it and inserting them into it.

Every style of wallet has its own structure and functions so we just recommend the most popular ones to you to make your choice easier. In terms of choosing right one, it is the matter of preference. It means that it is up to you to select. Moreover, it is common to have one or more than two wallets so you do not hesitate to try different models of wallet or wait until the old one is worn out. Thus, while using, you can find which is the best or the most suitable for you. Now, it is the time to go shopping!


Useful Ways to Distinguish Real Leather from the Fake

real leather and fakeLeather is one of the most favorite materials among consumers. The common types of leather are kips (shoes, wallet, belt or shirt,…), pork skin (wallet), sheepskin (coat, glove) and crocodile skin (coat, shirt,…). Leather is also used to cover all kinds of chairs, sofa, car seat and so on.

All these types has to went through a process of bating which keeps them from being rotten and makes them more shining and beautifully. Before the output, leather is covered a layer of painting to create high-gloss and color. Thus, all leather-made products are often quite expensive. The higher the technology is, the more the phenomenon of making fake ones is. To enable consumers to distinguish the real leather from the fake, this article will help you by giving some useful ways to make a comparison and contrast between them.

First and foremost, you need to know what the real leather is. It is often called bating leather. The products made from the real are written clearly in words like “real leather, genuine leather or 100% leather”. Currently in the market, two most popular kinds of artificial leather are similar and PU.

Similar which is the faux leather is price and hard. It is covered with a layer of polyester on the surface so it is very shining. It is used for casual clothes. Just by looking through and touching it, you can easily realize it.

PU is a luxury mock leather so it is quite soft. If you do not check carefully, you can be make a mistake to buy it. However, naturally, PU is the artificially synthetic composite so it can be excoriated chronologically.

Here are some useful ways for you to check whether leather is real or not:

1.Differentiate the smell

When putting it in your nose, you will see that products made from animal leather often have the smell of their lipid (it is quite rotten) while artificial leather has the smell of nylon or resin composite (it is like the smell of plastic, paint or white sprite).

2.Burn or scorch the leather

You take a small piece of leather to scorch on the fire or a lighter. If it is real, that piece will be scorched and have the burnt smell of organic composite like a smell of grilled pork or burnt hair. In contrast, the mock leather will be clotting like the case of burning nylon due to the component of resin.

3.Wet the leather

Wet the surface of leather with some drops of water. If it is real, after a few minutes, you will see that the water spots will expand and penetrate with the leather through sweat pores because the real leather always absorbs humidity. The fake does not do this so the water spots will be out of the surface.

4.Carefully observe the leather

The surface of real leather is quite harsh. It also has stripes naturally or asperities. According to process of bating, it is flat or soft. If you check carefully, you will see small real leather’s sweat pores which are recognized by a normal magnifier. On the other hand, the surface of the fake one is often flat because it is manufactured by industrial lines and covered with plastic.

When you observe one side of leather, you will realize that the real leather will contain uneven fibers. Therefore, if you use your finger to rub its surface to leave it cuts, it will have no clear change. However, the fake one is easily to get cuts.

5.Press the leather

You use the thumb to strongly press the leather. If it is the real one, it will have pinhole of your finger and gradually fade away when you take your finger off. With the faux leather, it will not have elasticity like that layers of artificial material particles are separated.

6.Differentiate the color:

The color of the fake product is often brighter and diverse than that of the real one. In fact, the real leather is dark or bright as the mist color in the early morning.

7.Touch the leather:

You put you hand onto the product and feel it. If it is the mock leather, you will feel the smooth of plastic layer made from resin composites. It is clearer that you touch the surface in winter, you will feel cold. Nevertheless, you always feel the soft and smooth sense of real leather products at anytime you touch. Moreover, the real one never gives you the feeling of coolness even in winter.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you will have more knowledge to distinguish the real leather from the fake leather. Thus, you will feel much more confident to go shopping for a good one for yourself and for your family or friends as a present.


Useful Tips for Choosing a Good Leather Wallet

Every man has their own style though what they show in front of people. Sometimes, just looking at a wallet is enough for others to partially guess the user’s style and fashionable taste. Some people tends to choose eye-catchy  and convenient wallets without noticing color or size.

In contrast, some abstain from buying a new one because according to their opinions, changing wallet will change fate. If you have a need to buy a good wallet, it will not be easy for you to choose. Therefore, you have to know useful tips for selecting a wallet.

This article will provide you with the valuable experiences to help you go shopping for the one that not only are stylish but also brings you more lucks than you expected.

leather-wallet1.Choosing the prestige wallet selling shops

  • First of all, when you decide to buy a good wallet, you need to search for the reputable shops to have the real leather products. Thus, you can feel more assured for long-term using.
  • Besides, the business address of good quality wallet will provide you with great customer services. If you accept to spend an amount of money owning a good wallet, you will deserve to get the adequate product guarantee. Choosing company’s wallets is considered as a safe and cautious way for customers.

2.Leather quality

Checking the leather quality of the wallet will be the top priority. You should keep away from the wallets that have extremely shining facade without any defects. In fact, with the technology of making fake products, covering a layer of resin composite on poor quality leather is a easy task to turn it into a real one. Hence, a wallet with high quality often has small vein and tiny sweat pores on the surface with some creases.

In addition, real leather wallet will have natural acrid odor while the fake one will have the pleasant smell of chemicals. At first, the real wallet will be still hard but after using, it gradually becomes softer and more elastic, and of course, its color will also change. On the other hand, the fake leather will not change color chronologically and it becomes harder and harder and easy to break.

3.The style of the wallet

Another key factor for you to select a right wallet is its style. It plays an important role in forming your own style. If you are among people who want to be outstanding and stylish, you should use a wallet with vivid and hot colors as well as the long shape. If you are a simple and calm person, the wallets with neutral gamut and elegant styles will be the best choice for you.

4.The design of the wallet

When it comes to the design of the wallet, its durability and ability of containing items are significant things for you to select the perfect wallet. The compartments need to have medium size which create enough space for you to put must-to-bring documents such as ID card, driving license, bank cards and so on. However, its size should not be bigger than that of pockets of trousers and shirts.

5.The color of the wallet

According to Eastern philosophy, black and blue belong to the water which symbolizes the consistent flow of money. Thus, black or blue wallets are the symbol of fortune so they are very good for the owners.

White, silvery grey and golden belong to the metal symbolizing money so they will help owners get stable finance. Specifically, white or silvery grey wallets will bring many profits and double success when you do business. A golden one also brings you aristocratic beauty.

Red and pink wallets are the fire so it will stimulate strong energy and attract lots of money.

The ones who wear a green wallet belonging to the wood will have favorable conditions to develop their careers. Moreover, if having a brown wallet belonging to the earth, it will help you have a stable and firm finance.

6.Angles and sides

Good wallets often have sharp hems, especially the seams of angles and inside zipper. If having poor hems, the wallet will be very easy to be worn out so in some cases, you can lose the important documents.

7.The surface of the wallet

More or less, the eye-catchy decoration spotlights will diminish the simplicity of wallet. For example, logo of brand or pattern embossed neatly and sharply will make the wallet much more attractive and stylish.

8.Other important notices

According to Feng Shui, a wallet with medium size and compartments also helps the owner get more money and prosperity.

You should clean the wallet regularly. Sometimes, you ought to check it to take out less important papers such as expired cards.

You should not put too much papers into it or utilize compartments to put mobile phone and key chain. If necessary, you should buy other bag for these items.

If you choose a wallet as a present, you should put some cash with small value into it. It implies that te receiver will get more money and luck.

Choosing a high quality wallet cannot depend on its appearance. You should pay more attention to its quality. After buying a suitable one, you should keep it in a good condition to make it always nice and durable. Hopefully, with the useful tips mentioned above with your cautiousness and sensitiveness, surely, you will find a perfect wallet for yourself.

Some Useful Tips to Keep Leather Bags in Good Condition

Leather bag is one of the extremely necessary accessories for both men and women. Choosing a proper leather bag matching your style and flavor is not an easy task for all of you. However, the most challenging one is how to keep it always beautiful, shining and durable for using in a long run. Therefore, you should follow some below advice that can help you deal with this problem.

leather bagFirst of all, before giving some useful tips for you to keep leather bags in a good condition, there are some notes you need to bear in your minds:

  • With some kinds of leather bags, their welts are often worn out sooner while using.
  • Thread lines with light colors are easy to get dirty but we can clean it in a simple way.
  • You should choose the ones that have sewed straps.

Right now, let’s start with the most important information for you:

1.Avoid humidity

The first thing you should remember is that you never put leather bags on the floor because the land evaporation will ruin leather, especially in the rainy days. In addition, you should not use leather bags when it is rainy and humid or your hands are sweaty. These things will make your bags easily get harder. If the weather turns bad out of a sudden, you ought to cover your bags with plastic or nylon bags to prevent them getting wet.

However, in some inevitable cases, your bags will be wet, you should not use a dryer to make them quickly dry. Instead of doing that, you had better leave them dry naturally in the windy places.

2.Keep leather bags in cloths and papers

Normally, when you buy a leather bag, you will be given a accompanied cloth bag. Thus, after coming back home, you should utilize this bag by putting some papers into it. After that, you will place your leather bag on for keeping process.

You have to use papers rather than other kinds of materials because they will help you absorb humidity effectively. In case of lost cloth bag, you can replace it with pillowcase. Pillowcase is actually a good choice for you.

3.Spray protective solution for leather

Before using the leather bags, you should use specifically protective solution to spray on all surface of the bags and leave it dry through a night. You can buy this product right at the bag shop or pharmacy. Noticeably, you need to renew your bags by colorless shoe polish once or twice a year.

4.Do not put too many items into the bags

It is necessary for you to control the weight of items on your bags. You should not put too many items into the bag. There are many large leather bags that can contain a variety of items but their handle is small or thin, it will be te matter for you.

Furthermore, when keeping the leather bag, you should not fold it and put into a box. You should fill it with a lot of papers and put a small hygroscopic bag into the box containing the bag.

5.Immediately repair the errors

You should notice small details more on the leather bag such as zippers, thread lines and so on. When there are some tiny errors, you should have it repaired right away to avoid making them more serious. In fact, soon repairing will help you save a considerable amount of money. Nevertheless, you should not bring them to shoe repairing shop as maybe they will use wrong tools to fix. Professional bag repairer will be highly recommended.

6.Regularly clean leather bags

When the bag is dirty, you should clean it by specific soap for leather. Besides, each type of leather needs a proper ways of cleaning and maintaining.

  • Suede: you need to clean with a hard brush or a horsehair-made brush
  • Leather with fur: you just need a soft brush and clean down on the direction of the bag.
  • Soft leather: you use a dry cloth to clean the whole bag.
  • Oiled leather: you should keep it from exposing with humid environment since it will secrete more oil. In such these situations, you ought to use a dry and soft cloth to clean the bag and leave it dry naturally.

7.Polish leather bags

You will use a piece of felt soaked with fresh milk to strongly rub the surface of the bag according to spinning direction. And then, you will use a dry piece of cloth to clean. In doing so, your bag will be new and shining again.

Another useful method for polishing your leather bag is glair. You will take the glair out out the egg and stir it up in a bowl. Next, you will put the cloth into the glair bowl and rub the surface of the bag. Finally, you will carefully wipe it with other clean towel. Surely, your leather bag will be soft and shining as it is used to be.

8.Other notes

Use specific solution for leather bags

Do not wear the leather bag when going to market as it can get dirty from food

Observe the withdraw to know whether it has something sharp or not prior to putting the bag into it.

Source: Caring for your Leather Bags

How to Choose a Pefect Clutch for You

Although clutch is not used every day, it is an indispensable accessory for women. Simply because its luxury beauty captivates you. At this moment, you are searching for a clutch satisfying your desire. However, how can you choose a perfect one for yourself? If you find a way, you will definitely feel much more confident with your choice. Thus, this article will help you quickly find the right clutch that not only is convenient but also makes you more stylish and fashionable in front of people’s eyes.


1.Do not follow the trend

Fashion trend comes and fashion trend goes. There is the basic values left. Thus, value is the only thing you need to find a perfect clutch. If you cannot afford to buy a extremely expensive clutch, you should let it go or ignore it because it will be old-fashioned sooner or later. What you need is that choosing a suitable clutch that you want to wear it at anytime or anywhere no matter what the situation is.

2.Choose a clutch fit your body size

To choose a proper clutch, the second important factor affecting your decision is your body size. The bag you buy has to not only match your body size but also help you hide your weaknesses on your body. If you are quite small, the big bag will not a good idea as it is like you are “swallowed” by that bag. Instead, you can choose a smaller clutch than the normal one. It will make you look much taller. In contrast, you should buy a large and big one if you are tall and thin.

3.Be a practical thinker

In some cases, you have to keep your mind alert. It means that you should not go shopping for a clutch due to your emotion. You need to be more practical when you think about your purpose of using it. Moreover, you will buy it if you can use it every day. Therefore, once you think practically, you will immediately say “no” with clutch bags having flashy colors. Then, you will prefer choosing black or brown clutch bags.

4.Think about your clothes

When buying a fashionable bag, beside considering whether it is suitable with your body size, you will have to think whether it matches your clothes or not. It is also a good clue for making your decision. If you have colorful set of clothes, you should buy a black or brown bags because these colors can combine with other colors easily. Additionally, they can be used at both day and night. On the other hand, if your clothes have neutral colors, you can consider to select a clutch that has flashy color. Hence, it might be expensive spotlight for your costume and makes you feel more confident.

5.Some popular types of clutch for different styles

Envelope clutch

It is very hot style for fashion lovers. It does not have a fine style but its design like a envelope brings a modern and active beauty for office girls. At parties, is also build its strength to bring a generous beauty for users.

Clutch with a strap

It helps you show off the interesting lines of clutch and feel more comfortable than holding it by hand.

Satin clutch

If you wear a satin dress, you definitely need a satin clutch to create a perfect combination and make you more charming and feminine.

Box-shaped clutch

The pretty box-shaped clutch is very favorite. It quickly gains popularity among the world of women. It appearance creates a luxury and aristocratic beauty for women in the world in general and Vietnamese women in particular.

Large-sized clutch

There is nothing more interesting than a large-sized clutch. It is very convenient. Maybe you will think that you can put the whole world into that bag. Moreover, there is nothing more impressive than a large-sized clutch with its attractiveness. When you wear it, it will make you look more stylish and impressive in others’ eyes.


With the diversified designs and a wide range of colors, clutch will help you more outstanding than others. More importantly, choosing a perfect clutch will not be a tough job for you if you keep in your minds all useful tips mentioned above. And now, what you need to do is that standing up and go shopping for it.


4 Ways to Knot a Tie

From the past until now, tie is considered as one of indispensable accessories for men. Knowing how to tie nicely not only creates luxury appearance for them but also help them feel more confident. However, not everyone is clever at knotting. Therefore, this article will give you the most popular ways of knotting and their guidelines to do it. These following types of knotting which are suitable for all kinds ties regardless of their thick or thin materials include four in hand, Full Windsor, half Windsor and Shelby.

1.Four in hand knot:four in hand knot tie

If you are not really good at this task, you should choose this type of knotting because this is both the simplest and the fastest way to do only with 4 basic steps. Moreover, this way is also does not take you a lot of time. In particular, it has a tightly tiny knot. It is also asymmetrical. Thus, it matches with standard collar button and thick kinds of ties.

How to do it:

The first step is that you will put the tie around your neck and then measure the length of the tie as each tie has a little bit different length. The wide end of tie should be longer than the narrow one.

After that, you will cross the wide end over the narrow one and back underneath. You will keep around and passing the wide end across the front side of the narrow end.

In the next step, you will cross over the narrow part again and then pass the wide side up through the loop in your neck. You have to loosen the circle in font to put the wide end down through the loop.

Finally, you will tighten the knot and straighten your tie by holding the narrow side and sliding the knot up.

After finishing these 4 steps, you will fold down the collar and the tie is ready for you.

2.Full Windsor knot:

Full Windsor knotThis is one of the classic types of knotting with the big rhomb. Hence it is suitable for wide collars and thin or medium ties. Specifically, it creates a modestly tight knot.

How to do it:

Starting with the wide end on your left-hand side and the narrow end on your right-hand side. Noticeably, the wide will be longer than the narrow one.

Next, you will cross the wide end over the front of the narrow end.

The third step for you is putting the wide part up through the loop and continuing around the back side of the narrow end and up on your left-hand side. Then you will put the wide end back though the loop again.

After that, you will cross the wide end over the front of the narrow end from the left to the right.

After putting it up through the loop again, you will put it down through the knot.

Lastly, you will tighten the knot and slide it up by hands.

3.Half Windsor knot:

Half Windsor knotThis way is simpler than the full Windsor knot. It fits all kinds of shirts and thin ties since it has a knot with symmetric triangle.

How to do it:

First of all, you have to put the collar up and fasten the highest button. Two first steps are like those of the full Windsor knot:

Starting with the wide end on your left-hand side and the narrow end on your right-hand side. Noticeably, the wide will be longer than the narrow one.

Next, you will cross the wide end over the front of the narrow end.

This step is different from the full Windsor knot. After putting the wide part up through the loo, you will cross the wide end over the front of the narrow end again.

In the next step, you will put the wide end back though the loop between your collar and tie again.

Finally, you will put the wide end down through the knot and tighten it by holding the narrow end and knot to slide down.

4.Shelby knot:

Shelby knotThis way is suitable for all kinds of shirts combining with ties from thin to thick materials.

How to do it:

Firstly, you will begin knotting with the tie inside out. Then you put the wide end behind the narrow end.

Secondly, you will put the wide end up through the loop but still underneath the narrow end. Then you will tighten it.

Next, you will cross the wide part over the front of the narrow part to the left.

After that, you will put the wide end up through the loop again.

Lastly, you will put the wide end down through the knot and tighten.

In conclusion

This article has given you four most favorite ways of knotting that you can apply for all situations with shirts and ties. However, to those who have to go on business or travel more than often, it is highly recommended that you should search for many ways of folding the tie properly to keep it away from rumple or crease when using.

Reference: tie-a-tie.net

30-minute walking for good health

walking for healthIn modern life, because of busy work, more and more people ignore doing exercises or spending time playing any kinds of sports to stay healthy and keep fit. Therefore, there is no surprise is that walking is the “ultimate solution” for this problem since it not only is the easiest form of exercise but also brings great benefits for our health without putting much efforts.

10 positive effects of walking

1. Strengthen heart

If you usually walk about 30 minutes per day, you can help yourself avoid risk of heart disease. According to a research in the UK, regular walking means that you can reduce 11% off risk of diseases relating to heart system, especially for women.

2.Reduce disease risks

In addition to the heart disease, walking is also a good method for people to reduce risks of diabetes and breast cancer. In particular, to people acquiring with diabetes, walking can help them maintain insulin in your body at the suitable level and improve the sugar level in blood. To the ones struggling with breast cancer, it can help them feel better and get back their confidence in life.

3.Reduce blood pressure

Until now, high blood pressure has been considered as “silent killer” for all people, specifically, the older. However, you can avoid this by physical activities such as walking or jogging. In fact, regular walking can help you improve the blood capacity and as a result, it helps increase the amount of oxygen providing for muscles as well as make blood vessels more comfortable and reduce the pressure. Thanks to this, the fear of death can be faded away.

4.Change the mood

Walking is known as a form of exercise. Hence, it also brings you good benefits for your mood as while walking, your body can generate endorphin – a kind of chemicals to improve your mood to give you feelings of optimism and comfort. Firstly, it can help you boost your mood to prevent risk of depression more effectively. Besides, walking can help you reduce the boring, worry or stressful mood because of any problem in your work or your relationships in life. If you are in bad mood or stressful, you should spend about 30 minutes going outside to refresh your mind and balance your emotional mixture.

5.Have a good sleep

One of the important benefit of walking for you is that it can help you have a longer and deeper sleep. Moreover, some people said that walking increase the amount of hormone in their body to help them relax. Therefore, 30-minute walking is enough for you to get a better sleep. However, you should not walk too long or over 2 hours because it can make your body tired and your muscles painful.

6.Help have a high work efficiency

Walking helps balance your body naturally as well as create more resistant muscles and more comfortable mood to avoid stress. Thus, you can easily get your work done with high effectiveness.

7.Help lose weight effectively

The next benefit should be kept in mind is that it helps you maintain a healthy weight since when you are walking, the process of substance exchange in your body can happen faster to burn the amount of surplus fat and change it into energy in the body. As a result, you can have a healthy and well-proportioned body. Averagely, walking for 30 minutes can help you loose approximately 500 calories. Therefore, you should make yourself a habit of walking to get a beautiful body!

8.Maintain the elder’s memory

According to several researches, it showed that the elder only need to walk for 45 minutes per week but this activity can help them avoid Alzheimer’s disease. Walking means that the old people’s brains will be exercised and become more perspicacious and conscious than that of the ones who do not a habit of walking. In brief, walking is a idea choice for the elder as it requires little effort. What they need is take time to walk and enjoy their life every day.

9.Improve sexual life

Walking fast every day can help improve the efficiency of making love with your partners. Actually, while you are walking and breathing the fresh atmosphere, you also help your body gradually create mental and physical improvement. Particularly, your muscles are stronger and your emotion is better. Therefore, you are always in the good mood all day and when doing “thing”, you also give your partners a great and romantic moment.

10.Save time and money

Walking can help you save time and money because it is the easy and simple way with no equipment. Besides, you do not need go to the sports center to do exercise in order to stay healthy and keep fit. Also, it is obvious that you do not need waste much time and keep it for other activities in your life. For example, if you are a busy person, you can still spend about 30 minutes walking in every morning before going to work instead of spending hours doing exercise in the center or playing sports. What you need is not a too long road path but regular walking.

 Notes for walking

After considering the benefits of walking, the questions for all of us is that how we can do it properly. Here are some suggestions for you:

  • 1- You need to prepare the neat and comfortable clothes. For instance, if you walk in summer, T-shirt and wide pants are more suitable. Otherwise, in winter, you just need an air jacket and pants or a set of sport cloth.
  • 2- You should bear in mind which kind of shoes you will wear. In this case, walking shoes will be a perfect choice for all people, especially for women because they are the ones who often wear high heels having negative effect on their backs and so, the women should definitely wear walking shoes to balance the weight of their bodies.
  • 3- You should notice time for walking. As can be seen, you do not need put much efforts for walking but you should not walk too long according to your wishes. If doing so, it can affect your health negatively. 30 minutes is the good amount of time for all ages from the young to the elder.
  • 4- Before walking, you also need to do warm-up to avoid tense muscles and easily get tired.
  • 5- While walking, you should keep your heads straight towards as well as your arms and hands comfortable. At first, you should walk slowly and then speed it up gradually.

Hopefully, this article completely gives you an overall view about the benefits of walking as well as how to walk. Thanks to this, you can find motivation and set yourself a goal to walk for a better health.

5 essential types of shoes for traveling

Most of people hardly think about choosing shoes carefully when taking a journey. Simply, they think that it is unnecessary. However, in practice, choosing right shoes will make a real difference because your feet are the part of your body which have move most for any travel. In this article, it will clarify the reasons and rules for you to take consideration while selecting your shoes. Thus, you will know what kinds of shoes you need for any upcoming travels.

travel shoe

The importance of choosing shoes for traveling

When traveling, shoes play a key role in help your feet feel comfortable and unpainful in order to do a variety of outdoor activities or go a long road. Moreover, if you choose shoes fitting your feet, it will help you enjoy an interesting travel in a complete way along with clothes and other accessories.

The basic rules for choosing shoes for traveling

First and foremost, you will choose shoes according to the purpose of the travel. For example, if you are preparing a mountain climbing journey, you should choose a pair of hiking shoes. Obviously, you can not wear a pair of high heels or other shoes for this trip style because of the mountain’s terrain. However, when you are traveling to a beach, you had better choose a pair of sandals or high heels. Therefore, before bringing any shoes with you, you should think about the purpose of the trip first, and then select what you need to fit your trip.

The second rule is that you choose shoes depending on means of transport and activities during the travel. In terms of transport, you will make a decision of shoe selection on the basis of taking a travel by passenger car, train, motorbike or airplane. Also, the activities such as camping, walking or climbing will greatly influence your choice. Thus, according to every circumstance and condition, choosing suitable shoes will contribute to helping you have a wonderful travel.

Last but not least, choosing shoes for your trip length. It means that how many pairs of shoes you need for a travel. If you travel for under a week, 3 pairs of shoes will be enough for you. Maximally, five different pairs of shoes are enough for the trip lasting for over a week.

5 must-have types of shoes for traveling

Walking shoes

If you have to walk a lot do many activities most of time on your trip, walking shoes will be a perfect choice for you to wear because they are very comfortable. Most importantly, wearing this kind of shoes will not hurt your feet when you have to do a lot of sightseeing or even climb up a high mountain. Thanks to this, you can continue to enjoy your trip without struggling with blisters and soreness.

Activity shoes

If you have to do some special activities such as hiking, dancing or running, activity shoes will become a great ideal for you to wear. Not only are they suitable with each activity you may participate in but also have specific functions helping your feet comfortable with that kind of moving. For instance, the biggest difference of the running shoes with the walking shoes is that they have pretty thick gaskets and side by side impact-resistant straps helping you move more easily in the long road.

High heels

If you have a excursion holiday in any resorts, you should bring at least a pair of high heels. Since this kind of shoes is very flexible so you can combine with many different clothes. Additionally, it can make you look taller as well as feel more confident and charming when taking part in significant events or dinners in restaurants during your trip because of its high aesthetic sense.


Sandals or flats are extremely convenient for you to take a short-day trip, especially a visit to waterway areas or tropical climate. With soft sole and good material, it will help you walk comfortably without the fear of moving so much.

Ankle boots

In case you want wear the shoes that are both functional and stylish, it is highly recommended for you to bring a pair of ankle boots. In addition, the ankle boots will make your clothes more fashionable. Nevertheless, you should notice to choose a pair of ankle boots with square soles. Thus, you can walk for hours without hurting your feet like other boots with sharp-pointed soles.

Some notices for you

Just choose the shoes you need for sure. You do not need to bring all of the shoes types mentioned above. Instead of that, you should take into account the shoes which are the most suitable for your travel.

Do not bring too much shoes. 3 to 5 pairs of shoes are the ideal numbers for your selection. It is unnecessary to bring all of the shoes you want or bring too much because there is no much empty space for you to put them into your bag or suitcase.

During your trip, you had better save a little amount of money to buy a new pair of shoes in case it is worn out or lost. Obviously, prior to the trip, you should prepare the shoes with the best quality to ensure their durability.

Just wear what you feel comfortable with. No matter which kind of shoes you choose, it has to ensure flexibility and comfort.

Generally-speaking, the overall aim of choosing shoes is to walk and explore as many interesting places as possible when you pay a visit to the destination. Therefore, you should clearly know your destinations on your trip to decide which kinds of shoes are suitable. You do not misunderstand that each cloth of yours need a separate pair of shoes because it means that you will have to pay extra money for luggage fee or make your luggage heavier and difficult to carry.