30-minute walking for good health

walking for healthIn modern life, because of busy work, more and more people ignore doing exercises or spending time playing any kinds of sports to stay healthy and keep fit. Therefore, there is no surprise is that walking is the “ultimate solution” for this problem since it not only is the easiest form of exercise but also brings great benefits for our health without putting much efforts.

10 positive effects of walking

1. Strengthen heart

If you usually walk about 30 minutes per day, you can help yourself avoid risk of heart disease. According to a research in the UK, regular walking means that you can reduce 11% off risk of diseases relating to heart system, especially for women.

2.Reduce disease risks

In addition to the heart disease, walking is also a good method for people to reduce risks of diabetes and breast cancer. In particular, to people acquiring with diabetes, walking can help them maintain insulin in your body at the suitable level and improve the sugar level in blood. To the ones struggling with breast cancer, it can help them feel better and get back their confidence in life.

3.Reduce blood pressure

Until now, high blood pressure has been considered as “silent killer” for all people, specifically, the older. However, you can avoid this by physical activities such as walking or jogging. In fact, regular walking can help you improve the blood capacity and as a result, it helps increase the amount of oxygen providing for muscles as well as make blood vessels more comfortable and reduce the pressure. Thanks to this, the fear of death can be faded away.

4.Change the mood

Walking is known as a form of exercise. Hence, it also brings you good benefits for your mood as while walking, your body can generate endorphin – a kind of chemicals to improve your mood to give you feelings of optimism and comfort. Firstly, it can help you boost your mood to prevent risk of depression more effectively. Besides, walking can help you reduce the boring, worry or stressful mood because of any problem in your work or your relationships in life. If you are in bad mood or stressful, you should spend about 30 minutes going outside to refresh your mind and balance your emotional mixture.

5.Have a good sleep

One of the important benefit of walking for you is that it can help you have a longer and deeper sleep. Moreover, some people said that walking increase the amount of hormone in their body to help them relax. Therefore, 30-minute walking is enough for you to get a better sleep. However, you should not walk too long or over 2 hours because it can make your body tired and your muscles painful.

6.Help have a high work efficiency

Walking helps balance your body naturally as well as create more resistant muscles and more comfortable mood to avoid stress. Thus, you can easily get your work done with high effectiveness.

7.Help lose weight effectively

The next benefit should be kept in mind is that it helps you maintain a healthy weight since when you are walking, the process of substance exchange in your body can happen faster to burn the amount of surplus fat and change it into energy in the body. As a result, you can have a healthy and well-proportioned body. Averagely, walking for 30 minutes can help you loose approximately 500 calories. Therefore, you should make yourself a habit of walking to get a beautiful body!

8.Maintain the elder’s memory

According to several researches, it showed that the elder only need to walk for 45 minutes per week but this activity can help them avoid Alzheimer’s disease. Walking means that the old people’s brains will be exercised and become more perspicacious and conscious than that of the ones who do not a habit of walking. In brief, walking is a idea choice for the elder as it requires little effort. What they need is take time to walk and enjoy their life every day.

9.Improve sexual life

Walking fast every day can help improve the efficiency of making love with your partners. Actually, while you are walking and breathing the fresh atmosphere, you also help your body gradually create mental and physical improvement. Particularly, your muscles are stronger and your emotion is better. Therefore, you are always in the good mood all day and when doing “thing”, you also give your partners a great and romantic moment.

10.Save time and money

Walking can help you save time and money because it is the easy and simple way with no equipment. Besides, you do not need go to the sports center to do exercise in order to stay healthy and keep fit. Also, it is obvious that you do not need waste much time and keep it for other activities in your life. For example, if you are a busy person, you can still spend about 30 minutes walking in every morning before going to work instead of spending hours doing exercise in the center or playing sports. What you need is not a too long road path but regular walking.

 Notes for walking

After considering the benefits of walking, the questions for all of us is that how we can do it properly. Here are some suggestions for you:

  • 1- You need to prepare the neat and comfortable clothes. For instance, if you walk in summer, T-shirt and wide pants are more suitable. Otherwise, in winter, you just need an air jacket and pants or a set of sport cloth.
  • 2- You should bear in mind which kind of shoes you will wear. In this case, walking shoes will be a perfect choice for all people, especially for women because they are the ones who often wear high heels having negative effect on their backs and so, the women should definitely wear walking shoes to balance the weight of their bodies.
  • 3- You should notice time for walking. As can be seen, you do not need put much efforts for walking but you should not walk too long according to your wishes. If doing so, it can affect your health negatively. 30 minutes is the good amount of time for all ages from the young to the elder.
  • 4- Before walking, you also need to do warm-up to avoid tense muscles and easily get tired.
  • 5- While walking, you should keep your heads straight towards as well as your arms and hands comfortable. At first, you should walk slowly and then speed it up gradually.

Hopefully, this article completely gives you an overall view about the benefits of walking as well as how to walk. Thanks to this, you can find motivation and set yourself a goal to walk for a better health.

5 essential types of shoes for traveling

Most of people hardly think about choosing shoes carefully when taking a journey. Simply, they think that it is unnecessary. However, in practice, choosing right shoes will make a real difference because your feet are the part of your body which have move most for any travel. In this article, it will clarify the reasons and rules for you to take consideration while selecting your shoes. Thus, you will know what kinds of shoes you need for any upcoming travels.

travel shoe

The importance of choosing shoes for traveling

When traveling, shoes play a key role in help your feet feel comfortable and unpainful in order to do a variety of outdoor activities or go a long road. Moreover, if you choose shoes fitting your feet, it will help you enjoy an interesting travel in a complete way along with clothes and other accessories.

The basic rules for choosing shoes for traveling

First and foremost, you will choose shoes according to the purpose of the travel. For example, if you are preparing a mountain climbing journey, you should choose a pair of hiking shoes. Obviously, you can not wear a pair of high heels or other shoes for this trip style because of the mountain’s terrain. However, when you are traveling to a beach, you had better choose a pair of sandals or high heels. Therefore, before bringing any shoes with you, you should think about the purpose of the trip first, and then select what you need to fit your trip.

The second rule is that you choose shoes depending on means of transport and activities during the travel. In terms of transport, you will make a decision of shoe selection on the basis of taking a travel by passenger car, train, motorbike or airplane. Also, the activities such as camping, walking or climbing will greatly influence your choice. Thus, according to every circumstance and condition, choosing suitable shoes will contribute to helping you have a wonderful travel.

Last but not least, choosing shoes for your trip length. It means that how many pairs of shoes you need for a travel. If you travel for under a week, 3 pairs of shoes will be enough for you. Maximally, five different pairs of shoes are enough for the trip lasting for over a week.

5 must-have types of shoes for traveling

Walking shoes

If you have to walk a lot do many activities most of time on your trip, walking shoes will be a perfect choice for you to wear because they are very comfortable. Most importantly, wearing this kind of shoes will not hurt your feet when you have to do a lot of sightseeing or even climb up a high mountain. Thanks to this, you can continue to enjoy your trip without struggling with blisters and soreness.

Activity shoes

If you have to do some special activities such as hiking, dancing or running, activity shoes will become a great ideal for you to wear. Not only are they suitable with each activity you may participate in but also have specific functions helping your feet comfortable with that kind of moving. For instance, the biggest difference of the running shoes with the walking shoes is that they have pretty thick gaskets and side by side impact-resistant straps helping you move more easily in the long road.

High heels

If you have a excursion holiday in any resorts, you should bring at least a pair of high heels. Since this kind of shoes is very flexible so you can combine with many different clothes. Additionally, it can make you look taller as well as feel more confident and charming when taking part in significant events or dinners in restaurants during your trip because of its high aesthetic sense.


Sandals or flats are extremely convenient for you to take a short-day trip, especially a visit to waterway areas or tropical climate. With soft sole and good material, it will help you walk comfortably without the fear of moving so much.

Ankle boots

In case you want wear the shoes that are both functional and stylish, it is highly recommended for you to bring a pair of ankle boots. In addition, the ankle boots will make your clothes more fashionable. Nevertheless, you should notice to choose a pair of ankle boots with square soles. Thus, you can walk for hours without hurting your feet like other boots with sharp-pointed soles.

Some notices for you

Just choose the shoes you need for sure. You do not need to bring all of the shoes types mentioned above. Instead of that, you should take into account the shoes which are the most suitable for your travel.

Do not bring too much shoes. 3 to 5 pairs of shoes are the ideal numbers for your selection. It is unnecessary to bring all of the shoes you want or bring too much because there is no much empty space for you to put them into your bag or suitcase.

During your trip, you had better save a little amount of money to buy a new pair of shoes in case it is worn out or lost. Obviously, prior to the trip, you should prepare the shoes with the best quality to ensure their durability.

Just wear what you feel comfortable with. No matter which kind of shoes you choose, it has to ensure flexibility and comfort.

Generally-speaking, the overall aim of choosing shoes is to walk and explore as many interesting places as possible when you pay a visit to the destination. Therefore, you should clearly know your destinations on your trip to decide which kinds of shoes are suitable. You do not misunderstand that each cloth of yours need a separate pair of shoes because it means that you will have to pay extra money for luggage fee or make your luggage heavier and difficult to carry.